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Father Simon Thomson
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Parish Administrator:
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60 Sturges Road
RG40 2HE
Tel: 0118 978 0348

Our Community


Visit this area of the website to find information about our Church Groups and Youth activities, access the Parish Diary for details from the latest events and learn more about Our Catholic School.

The Catholic community in Wokingham was established as a parish in 1902, and the present church dates from 1970.  It is situated in the centre of the town.  Like all Catholic parishes throughout the world, its life is centred around the Sunday celebration of the Mass.

Here, people thank God for for all that God does for us and they commit themselves to living a Christian life, particularly proclaiming the gospel to the whole world.  The parish includes people from many other countries: India, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, The United States of America, Vietnam, South Africa, Italy, Poland as well as Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

If you are new to the area or thinking about returning to the Church, you can find out how to Join the Parish.


Our Church
Here you can learn more about the history of Corpus Christi Church, browse the Church’s picture gallery, and find full details and a location map for new or visiting members.
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Our Faith
Visit this area of the website to find out about the Roman Catholic faith, access up-to-date mass times as well as Sunday readings, daily prayers and spiritual guidance. You can also request a mass or prayers to be said and find out about the learning programmes and Sacraments operating in the Parish.
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